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Data Structures With Java

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Like other Schaum’s Outlines, this book is intended to be used primarily for self study. It is
suitable as a study guide in a course on data structures using the Java programming language. In
American universities, this is typically the second course in the computer science major. The
book is also serves well as a reference on data structures and the Java Collections Framework.
The book includes more than 200 detailed examples and over 260 solved problems. The
author firmly believes that programming is learned best by practice, following a well-constructed
collection of examples with complete explanations. This book is designed to provide that
This second edition is a major improvement over the original 2001 edition. Most of the
chapters have been completely rewritten. Three entirely new chapters have been added, on
object-oriented programming, linked structures, and the Java Collections Framework.
Java 6.0 is used throughout the book, with special attention to these new features of the
• The Scanner class.
• The StringBuilder class.
• Formatted output, including the printf() method.
• The enhanced for loop (also called the for-each loop).
• Static imports.
• enum types.
• Variable length parameter lists.
• Autoboxing.
• Generic classes
• The Deque, ArrayDeque, EnumSet, and EnumMap classes, and the Queue interface
in the Java Collections Framework.
Source code for all the examples, solved problems, and supplementary programming
problems may be downloaded from the author’s Web site
I wish to thank all my friends, colleagues, students, and the McGraw-Hill staff who have
helped me with the critical review of this manuscript, including Stephan Chipilov and Sheena
Walker. Special thanks to my colleague Anita Huray Hubbard for her advice, encouragement,
and supply of creative problems for this book.

Data Structures With Java


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